Mrs. Mangold retires

   Mrs. Stacy Mangold, a Fine Arts teacher, has worked at Heritage for 13 years and taught visual arts classes such as Ceramics and Sculpture.  
   “I hope to have passed the torch of artistic creativity to my students.  I hope that they are introduced to a different kind of creative process that may inspire them to tap into their own creative potential,” Mangold says.
   One of her students, Sam Collison ’23, spoke about one of his favorite things about being in her class.
   “She gave me a lot of creative freedom to do whatever I wanted,” Collison says.
   Mangold described her favorite moments and the highlights at her time at Heritage.
   “I would say every day had highlights.  Whenever students were pleased with their work was a highlight.  There were so many moments, it’s hard to choose.  There were times when I stopped to watch students working on their projects and I felt particularly lucky to be a witness.  To see such creativity blossom in the classroom and to protect that space was truly a blessing each day,” Mangold says.

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