Mr. Eagle competition goes virtual

Eleven senior boys competed during MAD Week 2021, which was in support of the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Rylan Montoya took the title of Mr. Eagle while Samuel Trawick was nominated as Mr. Uplifting and Kade Kurowski earned the title of Mr. Moneymaker.

Last year, Mr. Eagle was an entirely virtual event. The Heritage community was hoping that the show would be in person by this time, however due to COVID-19 regulations, the show was altered to accommodate those rules.
   “We were trying to bring back some of the more traditional elements that we normally have in the show. We were trying to find the balance between tradition and innovation for this year’s show,” Ms. Allison Smith, coordinator and sponsor for Eagle Outreach, expresses.
   Katherine French ’21, member of the Mr. Eagle organizing team, further explains what the show looked like.
   “We had it be somewhere between last year, where it was a video show, and a normal year. It was recorded show, but we had people go into classrooms in groups of about 15 to watch it through the projector. This way, we still had the group bonding that is a big deal for Mr. Eagle but without so much danger,” French describes.
   The contestants were asked to submit videos for the show, that way they may still compete while also reducing the risk of getting sick. This process was much different from previous years, and the Eagle Outreach team applauds the contestants for being so understanding.
   “This batch of boys is incredibly flexible, incredibly giving and warm, and it’s really not about their ego. This is more of a generosity of spirit from the boys,” Smith illustrates.
   Perfectly demonstrating what she means, Kade Kurowski ’21, one of the contestants participating this year, recounts his reason for signing up.
   “I am in it not for a title, but for fun. Honestly, I’m not looking for a win. I’m really looking for a good time and am trying to make the most out of my senior year,” Kurowski states.
   French adds on how the contestants are so proactive this year.
   “I think this year, the boys are really dedicated. Because of the crazy school year, it’s really hard to get any motivation to do anything, so I’m really impressed that these boys were still willing to go out of their way to help the school for this great cause,” French expresses.
   Logan Wilson ’21, another member of the coordinating team for Mr. Eagle, adds his input on the show as a whole.
   “This year, the Mr. Eagle competition will be one for the history books.”

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