Mr. Bernal retires from Heritage

   Mr. Phillip Bernal, a Fine Arts teacher, has worked for 12 years at Heritage. He has taught Drawing I, Drawing II, Design I and Painting I.
  One of Bernal’s students, Molly Ryan ’21, describes her experiences with him.
   “He’s really nice. He’s insistent on doing things your way, and in us coming up with our own ideas.  He’s really good at helping you when you have a specific thing you want to do.  He’s just a really good vibe.  As long as you’re working hard in his class, he can be a really great teacher,” Ryan says.
   Bernal leaves students with one last message.
   “I always tell my kids to challenge themselves, and I always tell them not to choose things that overwhelm them.  I’ve learned a lot, too.  I was always that nerdy introverted kid.  I would have never thought I could be a teacher when I was younger, because I was deathly afraid.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there,” Bernal says.

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