Most used apps of 2016

Today’s generation has started to use technology more than ever before. The use of iPhones and Androids has increased immensely. These devices app’s draw in the attention of today’s generation. The app’s listed here are some of the most used and most popular apps among iPhone and Android users today.

1) Snapchat: Snapchat has become one of the most popular apps today because of the fact that it keeps people in communication quickly and easily. It allows users to send pictures with a text attached to it. Users are also able to chat quickly without sending pictures. Snapchat offers filters that show the time, temperature, and speed. You can also filter the color/tint of the photo taken. Recently filters were added that allowed a face swap, puppy face and other funny alterations to the picture.

2) Facebook: Facebook has been keeping people in touch for years now. You are able to post pictures/videos of what is happening in your life, and you can easily see what is happening in your friends lives through their posts. You can find long lost friends who seemed to go out of touch. Facebook also offers the app Facebook Messenger as a way to talk to your friends. You can video chat, call, or text the person you want to get a hold of.

3) Instagram: Instagram allows its users to post pictures that show what is going on in their lives. This is another app that keeps people connected. Pictures/videos are the main focus of Instagram, but you are also able to DM, or direct message, other users on there.

4) Twitter: Twitter is an app that keeps the whole world connected. You can follow celebrities as well as anyone else you want. Twitter allows text, pictures and videos to be posted. It is similar to Facebook, but with a more hilarious and creative tone. Facebook tells people what is happening and twitter is more focused on how you feel.

5) Spotify: Spotify is the new easy way to listen to unlimited music. The free app allows you to listen to any number of songs on shuffle with commercials. If you were to purchase premium, you can listen to unlimited music without commercials, any song you choose. With premium you can also go offline so you are not using mobile data to listen.

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These are the most popular apps in today’s generation of phone users. It includes apps that allow you to share ideas and opinions, as well as music apps.

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