Marcilla joins the HHS staff

Ms. Lynn Marcilla is a go-getter. Before moving to Colorado and becoming the receptionist at Heritage, she lived in California and held many interesting positions. She was a real estate agent and a legal assistant, as well as business woman and cosmetologist.

Now, she works as the front desk receptionist at Heritage. She moved to Colorado one year ago to join her family.

“I have been very impressed by the schools  here. Everyone has been so nice,” says Marcilla.

She started working at Heritage this year.

“She is really good with people….She is always friendly and cheerful. I have never seen her in a bad mood,” says Becky Moody, the former front desk receptionist.

“I’m always busy, which makes the day go by fast,”  Marcilla says.

Working at the front desk, Marcilla never has a dull moment. She is in charge of answering the phone, reading names over the intercom and helping students who come into the main office.

She also loves to cook and wants to help add dishes to Heritage’s cooking program, such as empanadas.

Marcilla feels that the hardest part of her job is figuring out how to pronounce students’ names based on how they are spelled, as well as waking up early.

Sometimes she also has to answer weird or difficult questions, such as the dimensions of a locker or the dress code for the Welcome Back Dance.

Marcilla plans on staying in Colorado, so Heritage students can look forward to hearing her on the intercom for years to come.

Profile pic of Marcilla
Marcilla answers the phone in the front office. The office is where students can find the principal, the athletic director, and many others.


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