Making a difference throughout the pandemic

This is the schedule for this year's virtual MAD Week. Monday through Thursday focus on appreciation, and Friday wraps it up with the first virtual Mr. Eagle.

  Sometimes in life, it becomes essential for each and every person to think about what making a difference truly means. During the month of April, Heritage partakes in a yearly tradition: MAD Week, which pushes students to think about their impact on their community and the world. This is one of the events that has officially gone to a virtual platform to show appreciation.

This pandemic has forced the world to revert back to the question we ask ourselves during MAD Week: how do we make a difference in our communities and the world, especially through times of adversity?

   The basics have been laid out for all of us. For example, social distancing and proper hygienic habits have been encouraged and practiced by many people across the globe. Many states across the nation have been given shelter-in-place orders, and even Colorado is on a stay-at-home order, which calls for the reduction in all non-essential travel.

   “The stay-at home order means that individuals should only interact with your own household, and only leave your household when you absolutely need to. That means that, of course, the facilities that we need to access are staying open. That means, of course, grocery stores…restaurants are continuing to deliver and do takeout. It just means that those non-essential stores, many of which have been closed for days, will be closed across our state,” said Governor Jared Polis in his March 25 press conference, when the order was officially issued. 

   Although many parts of the new virus are still being discovered, many scientists worldwide believe that one of the reasons for the massive growth is a 1 to 4 infection rate, which has led to a devastating increase. Along with that, COVID-19 is highly contagious, and is even thought to have a minor airborne component.  Now, we can all stay home and distanced to help flatten the curve, however, there seems to be a divide. Some people agree to the terms, and others don’t. This leads to the question: how do we really make a change? Change is something that comes from within ourselves. And now is the time for humanity to implement the change we want to see.

   Empathy and selflessness come to mind when thinking about following social distancing policies. This pandemic is not about the individual. It’s about protecting ourselves in order to protect others- especially the elderly and immune-compromised- who are more prone to contracting the virus. We need to put ourselves in their shoes, and think about if the tables were turned. We all need to give selflessness to the world around us and be empathetic to others to help keep as many people safe as possible. 

   Kindness and positivity are two other things that come to mind. Our generation is extremely fortunate, because we have the power to communicate with each other at the click of a button. We have social media platforms to voice our opinions and thoughts. So, reach out to a friend over a call or a video chat. Check in with them and help spread a sense of support, and encourage them to do the same. This is a time where we all must come together, even though physically we are apart. Moreover, social media is a powerful tool through this time. Making a true difference through that platform comes through messages of encouragement, positivity, and unity. Not through messages of apathy or ignorance, and especially not through messages with a hidden personal agenda. We all must make sure we are using our voice for love, not hatred. 

   So, how does any of this make a real difference in the world? How is it changing when we can maybe only protect those around us? Well, the answer to that would be: even changing one person’s day is changing the world. Making others smile and showing that we all care and are here to support each other will cause a beautiful ripple effect. This is why we have MAD Week, so be sure to help unite our community by participating throughout the week to show appreciation and unity.

This year’s MAD week will include: MAD for emergency responders, senior citizens, Heritage staff, 2020 seniors, and of course, the first virtual Mr. Eagle competition. MAD Week is from April 27 through May 1, and is a great opportunity to ensure that we are making a difference. Students at Heritage look forward to participating and making an impact on their community.

“Making a difference like we strive to do every year during MAD Week is one of the ways that we show we care and are willing to act on our sentiments for the betterment of our world and the lives of others. In general, making a difference is important because it really gives you purpose. Knowing that what you’re doing is helping others is valuable, just as much to you as to those you’re helping,” says Giselle B. ’20.

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