LPS has another successful year at the Stride

   The Stride has been a popular run/walk for years in the LPS community, but how does it benefit it? Providing families with the opportunity to be active, physically and in the Littleton community. Also, students and staff can bond outside of the school, which can help build relationships in school. Ms. Beth Best is the Executive Director for the Littleton Public Schools Foundation, who hosts The Stride. It is her job to oversee the entire event, work with all the vendors, coordinate all the schools, and also bring in all the companies who sponsor it.
   “The Stride is a fundraising event that benefits all LPS schools and it offers the community, as a whole, an opportunity to get involved and support LPS whether that’s running, walking, or cheering, or mingling with friends and colleagues.  It also gives local businesses an opportunity to engage with our school community and show their support as well as give the attendees resources for services they may be looking for,” says Best.
   The Stride is also a great fundraiser for LPS. The proceeds earned benefit all LPS school, including Heritage. Beth Best described how beneficial this event was for every school in LPS.
   “The money that is raised goes to support all students in all LPS schools, especially around health and wellness.  Last year we helped fund a new Vision & Hearing Van that goes to every school and tests all students. We also provide funding for mental health with programs like Sources of Strength as well as parent workshops, support for kids in crisis, the LPS Poetry Slam, and a ton of other resources.  Specifically at Heritage, we have funded many teacher grants and the INCubatoredu program,” says Best.
   Overall, The Stride is a great way for students and teachers alike to get involved in the LPS community. Between fundraising, volunteering, getting exercise, benefits for LPS and more, The Stride is and will continue to be a perfect event for our community.
   “I look forward to the excitement and sense of camaraderie that the attendees create.  The vibe is really fun and friendly and it’s really rewarding seeing the school spirit come together as a cohesive school district.  We are all LPS and it shows at The Stride,” says Best.

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