Looking forward to school events again

Last year's football game against Arapahoe was packed with students and parents. While this year's games will not have the same fan base, there are currently plans in the works to allow some fans to outdoor games, based on stadium capacity in accordance with district and county guidelines.

  The students are wondering what will happen to school events such as dances, assemblies and sports events during a pandemic where everyone has to wear a mask and social distance from others.

       Sydney Ament ’23, a member of Student Government, explains her thoughts on dances this year.

       “There probably won’t be any dances this fall semester but I am hoping that there will be dances next semester if COVID-19 dies down,” says Sydney. 

       She explains her favorite dances last year.

       “I like the Welcome Back dance because I get to dress up with my friends and hang out with them. Also I love Homecoming because I met a lot of people that I didn’t know that are now my best friends,” she says.   

      Ms. Schrader, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, explains how she doesn’t know what football and other sports will look like in the upcoming months.

       “The school district is following Tri-county Health Guidelines and State Mandates. They have specifics on how many people can be in a given area,” says Schrader.

      Volleyball player Logan Peters ’23 explains that her games might look a bit different. 

       “My games will still go on, but if CHSAA changes they might get cancelled,” says Logan. 

       She is wondering how Covid safety precautions while adapt based on research and current cases. 

       “If COVID-19 gets a bit better, they will have crowds and they will be wearing masks and stay six feet apart. But if COVID-19 gets worse there will be no crowds,” says Logan. 

      Logan thinks about the impact of not having people there to cheer the team on.

      “It will be different, awkward, and weird not having a crowd there to cheer me on,” says Logan.  

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