Lighting up the stage

Within a few weeks of school beginning, Heritage’s fall play, Radium Girls, is already underway. With sets being built, posters being drafted and rehearsals taking place, the theater troupe works tirelessly to create the show.

   During the first week of September, the crews had a tech boot camp to introduce the basics of tech crews, new and returning, to those hoping to get involved behind the scenes. The first few days are all about meeting new faces who might work together every day leading up to the show. 

   According to Reanna Romero, the head of the costume crew, these individuals are what makes a new family every year.

   “Putting it all together, the whole thing, it’s stressful, but it’s a lot of fun because I get to hang out with people I’ve never met before and also get to hang out with people I’ve known for years,” says Romero ’21.

   Everyone: the director, crew members and cast, impact each other. Props and paint crews closely work together with the goal of making the set visually appealing. Costumers put the actors in clothes fitting to the play’s setting. 

   This community bands together to create Radium Girls and exhibits one mentality. 

   “I’m excited to watch it all come together and make it be the best it can be,” says Cami Dunning ’21, a props crew head.

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