Life 101 kicks off

  On February 19, Life 101 will kick off their official beginning for the class of 2020, marking the 11th year of the program. 

   Heritage Counselor and Life 101 Sponsor Mr. Powers is ready and full of hope for another year. 

   “Our senior leaders Bryce Timmons, Jim Kelly, Alex Borg, Autumn Barela, Jessie Bilello, and Allison Stancato are excited to kick this off,” he says. 

   Alongside these students and Mr. Powers, Ms. Libbey and Ms. De Vries are faculty leaders ready to run the program’s 8th year at Heritage. 

   Life 101 is exclusively for seniors, starting second semester as the class gets ready to graduate and embark on their own life journeys. 

   “We don’t get to process self-actualization,the desire to become the most that one can be, much in school.  But, I think students really want to reflect on it, seniors especially,” says Mr. Powers. 

   For Jessie Bilello ’20 one of the leaders the process of self actualization can be an intimidating process. 

   “I get a little nervous about sharing personal experiences on such a large scale, especially to people who I do not know very well. [Being] asked to share multiple things about our lives was a little bit frightening to trust people but it was also extremely gratifying,” she says. 

    Kelli McGuire ’20 finds she is excited to attend Life 101 because it has been something she had so often heard about throughout high school.

   “I want to hear the different speakers talk about their experiences and how those have affected them,” she says. 

   Mr. Powers hopes this sentiment is shared throughout the senior class and that students find the courage and initiative to attend the first meeting, Wednesday, February 19 at 6 p.m. in the Library. Walking in with some reserves and perhaps skepticism. 

   “Students will have a sense of belonging…and an opportunity to be honest, authentic and accepted” adds Mr. Powers.  

  So if you find yourself on the fence about going to Life 101, grab a friend and take the leap.

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