Lawson leaves with a full heart

After spending 14 years at Heritage, Mrs. Laronda Lawson is deciding what comes next, as well as reflecting on the close relationships she got to build with students.

Lawson formerly taught at Euclid Middle School, where students would always ask her if she was going to come to high school with them. When the position at Heritage opened up, she took the opportunity, since she’d never worked at a high school before. It gave her the chance to get even closer with students.

“It’s the students. It’s the relationships that I build and watching them grow from the moment they walk in the door as freshmen to the moment they graduate,” says Lawson.

As for after-retirement plans, Lawson is leaving her options pretty open as for future employment, but she looks forward to plenty of traveling.

“My sister lives in Honolulu and I haven’t been there in 11 years, so I think it’s time. I think I’m going to try to take a trip this fall somewhere. I’d like to do Europe but I haven’t figured it out yet. But I am planning on working again,” adds Lawson.

Molly Callison ’18 is thankful for Lawson’s positive presence at Heritage. Callison believes that Lawson makes Heritage a safe and loving place, plus she has great insight on the college search process.

“She’s been helpful to me on both the social front and the academic front. She helped me map out my high school career so I’d be the most successful and has dealt with the life problems I’ve brought to her in a caring yet professional manner. I think that Mrs. Lawson has made an impact on Heritage in the genuine kindness she shows in the hallways. She always says hello and calls people by name and it makes me, for one, feel seen
and cared for,” says Callison.

Lawson poses in her office with hearts from students.
Lawson poses in her office with hearts from students.

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