Lawrence leads on the court

The basketball season at Heritage High School has kicked off with a bang. One standout player on the Varsity team is turning heads. Matthew Lawrence ’18 is averaging 18 points and 5 rebounds per game. Lawrence is attracting the attention of all sorts of people. But there is much more behind this star basketball player. Matt has been playing basketball for 7 years. He fell in love with the sport when he was introduced to basketball by his parents.

“When I first started playing, it was a great way to have fun and keep me busy,” says Lawrence.

Over the course of his basketball career, Lawrence has learned that if he wants something he needs to put in the work. His biggest inspiration is his personal trainer Nick Graham.

“My personal trainer is always pushing me to do better and constantly trying to help me improve my game,” states Lawrence.

Lawrence is looking forward to continuing to enhance his basketball game during his college education after he finishes this season and graduates from Heritage High School.IMG_0332

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