Later start dates stress AP students

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Crunch Time.

Every April, AP students and teachers alike feel the pressure of the ever-approaching, oh-so dreaded test days. Classes start to wrap up any last minute material, and students start breaking out the Princeton Review, Barron’s, and every other AP prep book they can get their hands on. This year, however, the April “Crunch Time” took on a whole new meaning. That’s because AP classes have almost a week less to prepare this year than we normally do.

(Cue panicked, sleep-deprived screaming.)

Although our start date of August 18 was a blessing coming out of summer vacation, the ramifications of this later start to the school year became apparent when the semester infamously ended on December 22. To put things in perspective, the last two school years began almost four days earlier; while that doesn’t sound like much, that extra time allowed for earlier ends to the semester and (you guessed it) more time for AP classes to prepare for their exams.

Later start dates (like the one we had this year) mean less time to prep for AP tests, whose schedules are predetermined regardless of when the Board of Education sets the LPS school year. Of course, the Board of Education does try to account for this, but ultimately has no control over when the national test dates occurs, as is stated on the LPS website.

The effects of this shortened prep-time can be summarized as follows:

AP Testing + Less time to prep = More cramming = More stress = A very grumpy student body, prone to blaming uncontrollable scheduling mishaps on any person or entity possible.

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