How teachers imagined their future

There’s a big difference between the way life goes and the way we imagine it, especially from the mind of a child.

Here’s a collection of what teachers thought they would be when they grew up.

Some have learned that being a teacher is their true dream job.


Peach tries on a space suit at the age of 4. It seems NASA’s most advanced tailors still have room for improvement.

Jaclyn Peach

Math Teacher



“If I was an astronaut I wouldn’t be able

to travel the world as much,” says Peach.

Mangold created this finger painting in elementary school. It went on an art show where her mother promptly bought it back for 25 dollars.

Stacy Mangold

Magazine Publisher

Fashion Designer

Finger Painter

“As I got older I found out that finger painting

was not a career with a living wage,” says Mangold.


Warren - 4 years
Warren, aged 4.

Guy Warren

Formula One Driver

Automotive Designer

“The Formula One drivers are adored by their fans, but I don’t know

that it’s as strong of a relationship as I have with my students,” says Warren.

Kelli Glorso (far left) and her twin sister, Rosie Glorso (center) in dance class. You better watch out bandits, the Wild West just got sassier.

Kelli Glorso



Academic Writer

“Writers have to self-motivate. If I were a writer I wouldn’t be able talk to people and have so much interaction,” says Glorso.

Fischer performs with his friends. We can’t hear what he’s playing, but the tux says it all.

Andrew Fischer

Martial Artist




“I’m glad I’m a teacher now because I know that

I am fundamentally contributing to my society.

Education is a catalyst for exponential change,” says Fischer.

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