Honors students inducted into NHS

   National Honor Society begins the 2019 school year with the induction ceremony as a way to set in motion the foundation for the beginning of the school year. This year proves to be a new page with the chapter refocusing their goals. 

   “Putting together a service for school and the community,” says Grace Downing ’20, NHS President, when discussing the goals for this year. 

   The ceremony took place on September 16 with, both juniors and seniors, their parents and the returning seniors. 

   “We want existing members to come and support our new members acknowledging that they are doing a great job academically and are welcoming them into this new community,”  says Ms. Peach, the NHS sponsor.

   The values and sense of place that NHS tries to build are not just a Heritage ideal but one on the national level of the organization. Each of the four officers writes on the pillars: character, leadership, service and scholarship, The hope is to inspire all the students to make their own positive impact at Heritage. 

   “Little things add up, it isn’t hard to be a good person,” says Downing. 

Although NHS, at its core, is for honor students, the officer team echoed one another on wanting to be more than just good grades or a high GPA. 

   “We are the next generation learning who we need to be and who we are leaving the school to,” says Madi Rivera ’20, Vice President of the chapter. 

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