Homecoming Spirit Award winners are celebrated

Every year teachers nominate students from each grade for the Homecoming Week Spirit Awards. The people nominated are students who have exhibited pride, character and excellence through their involvement within the school.
“Spirit Award represent someone who genuinely loves being at Heritage and loves getting involved, and actually means it,” says Arianna Reid ’20 who submitted her vote for the award.
The nominated students are voted on by their peers before being announced at the Homecoming football game. This year’s winners were:
Freshmen: Sam Garcia, Alyssa Champagne and Pearl Hogan
Sophomores: Gannon Gillies, Kylie Auerbach and Cade DeYoung
Juniors: Emma Cass, Kade Kurowski and Courtney Underwood
Seniors: Maddie Mitchell, Forrest Mondlane and EJ Price
Parents escorted the senior nominees onto the field for the first time in the awards history. Forrest Mondlane ’20, one of the senior winners commented that this is an addition that should be kept.
“Having parents walk out gives a sense of pride,” Mondlane says.
For the seniors embarking on their last Homecoming Week, the award carries a unique weight to it. And this year’s seniors have showcased their commitment to Heritage across the school, from yearbook, to swim captain, to the Unified Eagles team.
“She’s swim captain and her school spirit shows through her work and all she does for the school,” said Mondlane when referring to Maddie Mitchell, one of the other senior winners.
“Of all the people at Heritage High School, he is one of the always kind people, to everyone,” Blaze Reddoch ’20 says of Mondlane.
EJ Price ’20 was surprised to have been one of the winners and loved the experience all around.
“Spirit Awards are important to know how to act and how to act around each other,” says Price.
The Spirit Awards are a staple to the Heritage community because at the end of the day they offer a unifying message of how to be the best students possible.

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