Hofschire runs marathon

Mr. Hofschire used to live in Chicago and had a friend named Jack Penny who ran in the Chicago Marathon.  Hofschire went to go watch his friend, and he saw over a million people watching the runners. It was so inspiring for Hofschire just to watch his friend run in the Chicago Marathon that he decided to run marathons. Hofschire’s first marathon was in 2000 and now runs several marathons each year.

Hofschire trains over the summer.

“It’s fun to train in the fall because the weather is nice but around the school time I don’t get that much time to train due to work,” Mr. Hofschire says.

He especially likes to run in marathons that raise money for charity events. He ran a race to raise money for kids who have diabetes.  Most important thing to him is finishing a race because then he feels so accomplished and proud that he did a good thing.

Although Hofschire knows other teachers at Heritage who run marathons like Ms.Bolen, he only talks with them about the marathons but  has not ever ran a race with them.

Ms.Bolen says, “I don’t know Mr. Hofschire that well but I definitely would like to  race with him even though I might lose.”

Mrs. Richards works with Mr.Hofschire during fourth hour.

“Mr.Hofschire likes to run a lot, I know that and sometimes he likes to run up in the mountains and I would definitely run with him as long as he would go easy on me,” says Mrs. Richards. “He’s a very kind man and a wonderful teacher to work with,” Mrs. Richards says proudly.

His record was just under three and half hours and he has ran 13 marathons and plans to run more over the years. Mr. Hofschire ran in the Marine Corps Marathon and finished with a time of 3:33:46. He has also ran in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with a time of 4:33:48.

Running is a big part of Mr. Hofschire life and it keeps him in shape and healthy.

“I kinda need something to look forward to and to train for, ” Mr. Hofschire says. “It really is a big part of something that I do each year and I really enjoy it.”

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