High school fundraisers need change

   The way that fundraisers are being handled at Heritage is a travesty. When compared to the money that could be made, the flaws in the system are obvious. 
   There are some fundraisers that are in the best hands where they are and that won’t change, like Homecoming and Prom. However, for the majority of the fundraisers that are much smaller, the different booster clubs should at least be open to a conversation about certain fundraisers changing hands to where they will be best handled at the current moment. 
   Not only should each fundraiser have the opportunity to change hands each year, but the students need to be largely responsible for the fundraisers that go to benefit them. Of course, everything will ultimately have an adult’s stamp of approval, but the brunt of the work needs to be handled by the students, in turn teaching them a strong work ethic and responsibility.
   This system is unfair not only because it is rigid and those doing the work are not those who will be benefiting from the fundraiser, but it is also throwing away valuable money. If each year there was a discussion about who will handle each fundraiser the best, then each group will be more motivated and not just expect the fundraiser to be handed to them simply because of “tradition.”

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