HHS Theatre Gets Its Act Together for ‘Guys and Dolls’

   The performers of Heritage High School are banding together in order to produce the winter musical, Guys and Dolls, and every new show brings new people and new challenges.

   One Co-Head of Paint Crew, Sarah Rossman ’20, has been stoked to see so many fresh faces come to join behind the scenes. She describes the drive that people have displayed.

   “You can come in and pursue your individual passions. Theatre isn’t just acting; you can sew, you can paint, you can build things, so it’s a really good creative outlet and you can find people with the same interests as you,” says Rossman.

   Rossman, along with the rest of the Paint Crew, have been bonding through periods of time painting together. They pop color onto anything that the construction crew produces. This is just one small example of the collaboration within the entirety of tech.

   “I enjoy watching all of the different crews work together to bring the show altogether because each crew, individually, has such an important piece,” says Tabor Horrigan ’20, Assistant Construction Crew Head.

The basics of the set for the street scenes.

   Horrigan has been teaching the new techies about safety and techniques on construction works. Backstage isn’t the only area in which additional students are joining. Sara Weaver ’23 is enjoying the community she has found that comes along with the lessons given to her and other cast members.

The cast of ‘Guys and Dolls’ rehearses ‘Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat!’

   “My favorite part of the show is choreo days. Piper (the choreographer of Guys and Dolls and past musicals at Heritage)is just so fantastic and learning the choreography with new friends and becoming a better dancer is a tremendous part of the process,” says Weaver.

   Watching things within rehearsals and tech days, like painting, building and choreography, is the Stage Management Team. The Stage Manager, Elli Ament ’20, describes that the best part of Guys and Dolls is not an individual performer or tech crew but the connections that everyone has made in the process.

   Ament says, “You walk in, and the show has such good energy from the crew, the cast, to the director and everything and between. The production has such good energy and vibe, so it’s a really alive show. You are never going to be bored when you watch it.”

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