HHS Teachers change going into the second semester

This is a screenshot of Ms. Abdel’s new and organized google classroom layout. She has all of the important information at the bottom and all of the classwork materials at the top.

As HHS students and teachers come back from Winter Break, the second semester starts. This is where students and teachers regroup and get ready for the last semester before Summer.

   Ms. Abdel, a math teacher at HHS, explains changes she made to improve her second semester.

   “I wanted to make sure my expectations for my students were clear so I worked on defining them. We are also in the second semester and I want to hold students responsible and accountable for their learning and their work, so having very clear expectations helps everyone! For google classroom, I got some feedback last semester that sometimes it was ‘clunky’ and hard to find work or resources so I worked on making it easier for students to navigate and removed some of the extra things I would post that I felt weren’t necessarily helpful for students,” says Abdel.

   Ms. Abdel also talked about what she will do to improve for hybrid learning.

   “For hybrid learning, I am hoping to improve the lessons/videos that are posted for students. I plan on making more videos for kids since I have less time with them in class and I got feedback from students saying that the videos were a great resource for them. I hope to make learning in the classroom more involved and interactive this semester because I feel like I have a better understanding of the schedule and a better grip of the circumstances we are living in,” says Abdel.

   Mrs. Smith, a English teacher at HHS, talked about her changes going into the second semester.

   “My biggest change was making sure that there is an activity each day that lets students connect with each other or me. It was so isolating learning online for so long, and I saw that distance and quiet really impacting my students and engagement. While I tried to do this first semester, I really committed to it this semester. Starting every online class with a quick and quirky ice breaker, or in class with a fun and quick game that encourages us to talk to each other, connect, collaborate, share, or even just make some noise, I am made that my goal,” says Smith.

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