HHS sweeps Arapahoe

Jessie Bilello '20 and Jenna Milligan '20 block an outside hitter at the Arapahoe/Heritage game. The HHS program beat all four levels

   The infamous Arapahoe versus Heritage Volleyball game was on September 5 at Heritage High School. The Eagles won the match 3-1. The stands were filled with students from both schools and they brought the energy.

   “I am so proud of them for working hard despite getting really down in the second set, they stayed focused the whole time and came back dominating, gun blazing like nothing happened,” Varsity Coach Eberle says. The Eagles lost the second set but came together as a team for the rest of the match.

   A defining moment in the match was a long rally between the Eagles and the Warriors during the third set.

   “The Eagle’s plan was to have the hitters swing as hard as they could,” says Zoe Bibb ’20.

   Bibb is a senior captain for the team this year, and she said that the exhaustion was hard to overcome, but they worked as a team and won the rally. 

   Bibb’s goal for the season is to “play as a team and keep a calm head, and to make our name, The Heritage Eagles known.”

   Annika Sokol dominated during the match. Sokol, a freshman on the varsity squad, had her first time on the court. 

   “As a kid walking onto a varsity court, at 14 years old, for the first time in her life, played pretty darn well,” says Coach Eberle. 

   Sokol has a future ahead of her with the Eagles Volleyball team.

   Coach Eberle explained the team’s goals for the rest of the season. 

   “Our goal this year is to just stay focused, we don’t care who’s on the other side of the net from us. We stay focused on our own game and what we can improve on, and we just let that speak for itself,” says Eberle. 

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