HHS hybrid learning changes meal distribution

Tori H. ’23 and Lily B. ’23 eat lunch in the socially distanced cafeteria setup. They enjoy having the time off, but miss sitting with all their friends at lunch.

   The new hybrid scheduling leaves many students to question the new meal system and cafeteria setup.

   Jessica Gould, Director of LPS Nutrition Services, states that maintaining students’ nutrition during remote days is one of the district’s top priorities.

   “Many times we forget that proper nourishment allows the body to function at its fullest.  Allowing for time to take a break, fuel your body and build relationships with other students is not only great for a person physically, but also mentally and social emotionally,” says Gould.

   To obtain meals when it is not an in-person day, students may pick up their meals right after school at 3:20pm until 3:50 pm on Monday and Tuesday. Three breakfasts and three lunches will be provided to each student. This is due to students being in the building for two days during the week and they can receive their meals then.

   Until the end of December 2020, all meals, not including snacks, are free for students. 

   “We do ask that families still fill out free and reduced applications because the applications are used to help support the schools and make schools available for possible grant funding,” says Gould.

   Existing account balances for students have been transferred to the new website: family.titank12.com. 

   As HHS is trying to conform to the CDC’s social distancing regulations Ms. Riendeau, HHS Principal, explains how the new cafeteria set-up was designed to ensure that students could still socialize and be safe when eating lunch. 

   “Try to be outside as much as possible.We have those sliding glass doors so we can move people outside. We also have seating, if everyone were to stay inside; first of all, we have the upper level and the lower level which aren’t being used much, so we have open tables and we have added some tables throughout the building that are meant for 2 people,” says Riendeau

  Despite the social distancing regulations, the new assigned 30 minute lunch periods allow students enough time to enjoy themselves and be able to ensure they can eat.

   “I believe lunch time is always meant to be sort of fun and active. So this takes a little bit of that away, and it’s certainly not the Heritage we all left and the things that we love about, you know, our community. So it’s working for what it is, but there are certain things that I would like to go back to, and I don’t think it’s the cafeteria any of us want,” says Riendeau.

   Riendeau also explains the benefits of a designated lunch period to staff and students. She states that staff members get an opportunity to eat lunch and have a mask break, and students get a guaranteed off time from work that allows them to socialize with their peers.

   Kayley McGuire ’23 believes that the guaranteed lunch period gives her a nice break in her day but if it were 15 minutes longer, it would help her eat and get to class on time.

   “I think inside the cafeteria is good.When outside, everyone is so close together without masks and they are touching and it seems odd that we have to wear masks outside when we get to school and leave, but not during lunch,” says McGuire.

   Considering the new setup, students should look forward to the new furniture project which will be introduced in January. 

   “It’s going to be all brand new. The picnic tables and the square tables are going to go away and we are going to look at high-tops, rows, and booths, and a lot of different things that will allow kids to enjoy that space differently,” states Riendeau.

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