HHS going ‘mad’ for MAD Week

Kodiak the Grizzly Bear wanders around the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. Heritage’s MAD Week will raise money to support the facilities in order to help care for Kodiak and many more animals. Photo courtesy of the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Since 2007, Heritage High School has had the tradition of doing a special fundraiser called Make A Difference (MAD) Week in April. 

   “Our purpose is to draw attention to serving the community and providing support and publicity to deserving charities,” explains Ms. Jacyln Peach, a sponsor for NHS and Eagle Outreach. 

   Other high schools in the district also participate in a similar activity, however Heritage is unique with its fundraising. 

   “What makes Heritage unique is that the student body gets to pick the cause that we support, and I think that may help make each MAD Week super successful,” points out Marissa Sirois, a senior and the Vice President of Eagle Outreach.

   With this ability to choose the fundraiser, Heritage has had an astounding attitude towards participating in the week-long event.   

   “There also is some pride in MAD Week, because it is something to be proud of. Every year is more successful than the next, and a lot of great charities have been supported. In the history of MAD Week we’ve raised almost $250,000 for various charities,” Sirois ’21 discloses. “Heritage will pull through and make this MAD Week the best yet.”

   “The passion to contribute to something outwardly is inspirational and the way the community comes together during that time just makes me smile,” reveals Peach.

   The club in charge of organising this event, Eagle Outreach, consists of 15-30 members who work tirelessly from the beginning of the year to see their final product come to fruition. 

   “All year we’ve been working on this part here, or that part there, but then it all melds into what is MAD Week and it’s fulfilling to see your work pay off, to see Heritage come together and make another MAD Week successful, and raise a bunch of money for a great cause,” describes Sirois ’21

   Eagle Outreach is open to all students who would like to help make a difference in our community in a fun and interactive way. 

   This year’s MAD Week fundraiser is the Wild Animal Sanctuary and is sure to draw in lots of student participation. However, the school is closed for the remainder of the first semester. While this can never be something anyone is truly ready for, Eagle Outreach has been preparing since the beginning of school for scenarios like this. 

   “This year our club is meeting virtually and we are going to design two plans for MAD Week. One where we are in a hybrid model and one where we are remote,” Peach clarifies. “We are working on different schedules that will allow that feeling of community and togetherness.”

   “Last year the school did shut down right before MAD Week and we had to totally revamp the events, but I think the whole week was still successful,” Sirois ’21 also illustrates, shedding a positive light on the future of the event. 

   “Whatever happens for this year’s MAD Week, I know the students will do a phenomenal job with it,” Peach concludes.

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