Heritage’s Julian Harris wins Best Director for a short film at ThesCon

   Director Julian Harris ’21, who starred in Heritage’s production of Radium Girls, recently won an award for Best Direction of his short film, The Lure, at the annual Colorado Thespian Convention. From conception to completion, Harris worked hard to make sure the film was exceptional. 

   “My favorite part of the process was probably figuring how to light an extremely dark tunnel for filming,” says Harris.

   When the win was announced, the Heritage section of the theatre went wild, cheering on the success of their friend. Amanda Jones ’21, attendee of the Thespian Convention, spoke about the moment.

   “It was such an incredible moment. We were all so proud of him,” says Jones.

   Harris recalls the moment with mixed emotions.

   “I don’t know if I felt proud or just appreciative of everyone applauding me and giving me support,” says Harris.

   While the judges clearly found Harris’ film exceptional, Harris felt his film could have been better.

   “I felt I could have done better. I’m still very appreciative, and I’m glad people thought it was that good,” says Harris.

   When asked about his future as a filmmaker, Harris spoke about his aspirations and plans, making it clear that he is not done in the film field. 

   “I’d like to do more film, I really would. Hopefully I’ll have some more free time next semester to work on some more ideas, become better at it and see where it takes me,” says Harris.

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