Heritage TSA finds success at 2020 conference


The 2020 Colorado Technology Student Association Conference was a juxtaposition of firsts and lasts. The three day conference from February 20 to February 22 was located at the Denver Tech Center. It was also the first full school year Mr. Sedivy had been the TSA sponsor and the first time Grace Perry ’21 and Kyra Hause ’21 were able to head the club as president and vice president. Along with the new opportunities and leadership were the series of lasts. It was the last conference for Mason Divita ’20 and the last time Madi Rivera ’20 would hold an officer position. 

Madi Rivera, TSA participant and senior remarked on her experience. 

“I am going to miss it. Overall it’s been a really good experience and I have gotten to do what I will be doing in college and in the industry. I’ll miss the challenge,” she says. 

Despite the contrasting emotions a common theme throughout the conference was a sense of pride. From Dragster Design to Biotechnology to Giant Jenga, Heritage High School proved their chapter was able to hold their own. 

Before any successes were announced, it was easy to feel the excitement the Heritage Chapter shared. Perhaps it was a mix of the long hours spent working on intricate projects like CIM that Mason Divita ’20 and Ben Perra ’20 worked on, the late nights working on documentation and dreaded Leap Reports that ultimately brought Heritage TSA together. 

Carter Perun ’20, who placed 3rd for Extemporaneous speech, commented on his own experience.

“It’s very worth it, helping me learn how to function in our world of paperwork and procrastination,” he says. 

Rivera elaborated on what made all the hard work worth it. 

“At the end of the day you have accomplished something even if you don’t win. I never feel like  I just put in all this hard work for nothing. You built that, you accomplished something spectacular using your brain and you can see those results,” says Rivera. 

In part the happiness that radiated from many of the TSA members was in fact, from the mistakes, from the obstacles, that amounted for an experience to look back on and enjoy. 

Which could be seen in the faces of juniors Grace Perry, Will Johnson, and Kyra Hause when their hard work won them 1st place in WebMaster. Or when the Giant Jenga team watched the Jenga tower fall at the hands of the Arapahoe team. 

Not all is divisiveness despite the nature of the competition, at the closing ceremony the Heritage TSA could be seen cheering louder not just for when Heritage won, but when any of the LPS high schools placed. 

“Because we’re all Littleton Public Schools and we might be rivals in sports but at the end of the day we all want each other to do well because we have such a great district. When we see each other winning it’s pride with us too,” says Rivera. 

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