Heritage Switches to Block Schedule

The Career Exploration Center serves all of the high schools in LPS. Because of this shared program, all of the high schools are working on aligning their schedules.

  It’s official. Heritage will start a new block schedule next year, but there are many different aspects put into the decision.
   “We, the district, actually are thinking about changing all high schools to a consistent schedule, with some variety within each of the building’s options within a traditional block,” states Amanda Hurley, Assistant Principal in charge of Student Services.
   A traditional block typically has classes that meet for around 80 minutes every other day. The administration is also looking at some classes being quarters, but there will still be a requirement of about 80 minutes in class depending on the schedule.
   “There needs to be some alignment in the district. The years before this we had some schools on a variable. We had some schools on a block. That’s really hard when we’re thinking about some of the district goals,” continues Hurley.
   With the alignment in place, there would be a lot more ability for the school district to connect more. For example, Options operates in conjunction with all of the schools in the district and when the credit structures are different, it is hard for Options to convert the amount of credits students already have earned. It is the same way with the Nutrition and Transportation schedules. It is difficult for the district to oversee the services with the different schedules.
   This will also mean that the credit structure will change as well. The district is looking at 22 credit structure, also known as the whole unit structure. Each year-long is worth one credit point. A semester class would be worth 0.5 credits and a quarterly class is worth 0.25.
   “Most school districts use the whole number system, so when we studied this we looked at all of the neighboring districts,” describes Hurley.
   The district has looked into this for a while and has found that it would be easier for students who need to move to another school so that the credits can transfer easier. It will also be easier for college transcripts and what they look at based on credits.
   “It wasn’t really an Admin decision. It is the study of, first of all, what students in the entire district need and then what students at Heritage High School need and then thinking about it with teacher feedback, and with student feedback with administration feedback,” concludes Hurley.

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