Heritage students review binge worthy television

Cartoon binge watcin gParks and Recreation “Because the characters in ‘Parks and Recreation’ are so well developed, the show won’t slam you over the head with comedy. It’s not like ‘My Name Is Earl’, the show’s funny, but in a real way that plays into the dynamics of the characters,” Rachel Schwabauer ’17

Orange Is the New Black: “This show is comparable to ‘Breaking Bad’ because it contains a lot of dark humor, however the plot is fresh and original. The lead character is tragically flawed but I can’t help but continue watching her,” says Courtney Romero ’17

Criminal Minds: “This show is extremely griping because the acting is very realistic and it delves into criminal psychology. It is honestly pretty scary and thrilling, making it fun to watch,” says Pamela Gigiento ’17

Gossip Girl: “Deep down ‘Gossip Girl’ is not just a guilty pleasure kind of chick flick. Its characters are really developed and complex. Even though sometimes it can be exaggerated it’s quite realistic because it never forgets to put some feelings to the episodes. You never feel like the characters are boring nor superficial. They are interesting , perfect on the outside and really complex on the inside,” says Gabrielle Espinosa ’17.

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