Heritage seniors, families will enjoy in-person outdoor graduation

The 2021 Heritage graduation ceremony will be held at the Littleton Public Schools Stadium on May 20. The celebration comes approximately one year since the graduation ceremony of 2020 seniors was cancelled.

Due to Covid regulations, the Class of 2021 will have an outdoor graduation. This celebration comes a year after the class of 2020 was only able to celebrate  the occasion with a drive-through diploma pickup.
   Mrs. Stacey Riendeau, the Principal at Heritage High School, shared details about the graduation. She explains that the graduation ceremony will be at the Littleton Public Schools Stadium.
   “We will have guests in the stands, but the number has yet to be determined. We will have to work with Tri-County Health to know how many guests each senior will be able to have,” she says.
   Riendeau also said that there will be a live stream on social media for families and others to see the 2021 seniors graduate.
   Emily, a Spanish teacher at HHS, explains her thoughts on the graduation.
   “I am really happy for this year’s seniors that they get to have a more traditional graduation at LPS Stadium. I think being able to host the actual ceremony is more meaningful than the drive through diploma pick up. I understand why we had to do it that way last year, but I think it’s a great benefit to students to be able to have a proper ceremony to celebrate graduation,” explains Libbey.
   She enjoys the current location plan.
   “LPS Stadium is the perfect venue as so many students have such positive memories of spending time there. It feels like a community event. There has been a long standing tradition for senior Advisory teachers to hand their own Advisory students their diplomas at graduation. The only thing that I’m not sure about is if we will be able to hug our Advisory students as we hand them their diplomas. I’m a big hugger so this is important to me! We may have to get by on an elbow bump, but I hope we’re back to hugs by then,” explained Libbey.    
      Lindsey Richards ’21 talks about the graduation ceremony this year.
   “I’m really excited to walk across the stage and see my parents in the crowd and receive my diploma,” explains Richards. “We are waiting to see what Tri-County Health will say.”
   Richards shares some of her summer plans, wanting to hang out with all of her friends before they all have to leave and go to college.
   “I’m starting at ACC then I will go to the Metropolitan State for elementary education and get a minor in Spanish,” says Richards.

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