Heritage offers students Concurrent Enrollment classes

Heritage offers incoming seniors Concurrent Enrollment classes, an opportunity to get college credit and experience.  There is a variety of classes. CE Western Civilization is offered at Heritage while the others are taught at Arapahoe Community College.

Dr. Maureen Stewart, Heritage counselor, was previously in charge of Concurrent Enrollment at Heritage, but due to her retirement, Mrs. Mary Abbott, also a Heritage counselor who has worked in CE in her past two jobs, will be taking her position. 

“I think Concurrent Enrollment is a great way for students to not only earn college credit and get ahead, but to also get the feel of college classes, so that’s what makes me so excited to connect students with this opportunity,” says Abbott.

Concurrent Enrollment classes are all college-level classes, most of which are at ACC. All classes are taught by college professors, including Heritage’s CE Western Civilizations, taught by Jay Grenawalt, who is an adjunct professor with ACC. Because the classes are college level, they’re usually faster paced than normal high school classes. They’re one semester-long, and unlike AP classes, students earn college credit simply by passing the class not based on an end-of-year exam. Kendall H. ’20 was a student in a Concurrent Enrollment class and mentioned this as a reason she liked the classes.

“CE classes are guaranteed transfer and don’t require a huge AP test at the end of the year. You get to leave your normal school environment and experience college. I just think it’s really nice to get a piece of the college experience before college, plus it’s basically free credit if you pass,” says Kendall.

One of the greatest advantages of when students join CE classes, Littleton Public Schools pays for the tuition as long as students pass with a C or higher, which is an exceeding benefit for students to get ahead for college. Also, another advantage of taking CE classes is getting ahead in general required college classes, but students can also explore potential classes to look into potential majors if they are unsure. 

“It’s a great way to ease into college. When you start college students are usually taking anywhere from 4-6 classes, so why not get your feet wet by taking one or maybe even two classes. It can really help students to get a feel of what it’s like, for example in college everything is more self-motivated. There’s so many benefits to concurrent enrollment classes but overall it’s the experience,” says Abbott.

If students are interested in taking CE classes, the link below is to all the information. While the deadline to apply is May 20, students still have time to sign up now or for a spring class. With any more questions, students can always contact Mrs. Abbott. 

“I really loved taking college courses. I think they allow for a lot more independence than high school courses,” says Kendall.


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