Heritage Moves Forward

Jenna F. wears a mask to Heritage. Though many things have changed into a new normal, some good habits can remain. Photo courtesy of Jenna F.

   Though 2020 was a long year, there are several positives that can be carried into 2021.

   Though some students experienced isolation this year away from their friends and struggled to make new ones, some did manage to form some new connections.  Haley Gilman ’23 is one of them.

   “It’s always a struggle for me to find a partner without having a teacher pair me up.  It was nice to have a partner, especially as I became her friend after [we had been paired up].”

   Mary Kay Cummings, a Spanish teacher, agrees that people have been exceedingly helpful this year.  

   “My students were incredibly patient with me and kind.  If I had a dollar for every time a student had to tell me my microphone was muted, I would be a very rich person,” Cummings says.  

   Furthermore, there are things we can do while we’re at home.

   “My neighbors at home were also so kind to me and my family.  Any time they made a trip to the store, they checked in with us to see what we might need.  All of those small acts went such a long way for me this year,” Cummings says.

   Though 2020 may have been a trying year, the kindness that was shared with others can be carried into the new year.  These are just a few of the things that people have done for others, and there is much we can do for other people.

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