Heritage families forced to be flexible during the holidays

Heritage families are being forced to adapt to many new challenges this holiday season. The community is still going strong and overcoming these difficulties, and is as excited as ever about the holidays. Heritage Junior and Freshmen Haley and Abby N. are just a couple of students ready for the break.

Heritage families have been forced to overcome many new challenges this year. One of the several challenges thrust upon the community has been how everybody is going to deal with the holidays. With all the masks, social distancing, and new laws being put in place, the holidays will naturally become more difficult to deal with. Heritage junior Caroline C. describes some of the challenges her family faces this holiday season. 

   “My parents have been pretty stressed out recently. Being able to actually go out and purchase all the gifts and everything for my family has been more difficult than it has in the past just because of the lockdowns and stricter limits on how many people are allowed to be in a store at a time,” she says. 

   Families are also having more difficulties planning to see each other for celebrations this year.

   “My family has been trying to get in touch with everyone we typically celebrate with, which is usually a struggle on its own. This year we also have to deal with who has Covid, who’s been able to get their gifts, who’s quarantining, who’s even able to come, stuff like that,” explains Caroline. 

   Heritage senior Paige F. also commented on the difficulties faced.

   “I’ve been more focused on studying for finals than anything else recently, but I have noticed how stressed my parents have been. We have a large family so planning for the holidays is difficult on its own,” she says.

   Additional challenges families are being forced to face this year include extra time restraints. 

   “We’ve also gotten to inviting everybody to my house later than we usually would this year. School and work have become the main priority because of how much time we’ve had to spend on them without being in person,” describes Füss. 

   New guidelines are also a recently developed difficulty being dealt with this season.

   “The new law stating that there’s a limited number of people allowed to be together at a time is also screwing up our plans. Like I said, we have a big family so we always have a large group of people at our house for Christmas. It sucks because now we’re limited on how many people can come, so my parents are just seeing who can come at all first,” says Paige. 

 Despite all the difficulties, families are still as thrilled as ever for the holidays this year.

   “Considering how awful this year has been, we’re all really excited about celebrating this year still,” says Paige.

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