Heritage Eagles prepare for annual Mr. Eagle

Students gather to celebrate the winner of Mr. Eagle 2019. Ethan P. was awarded the title Mr. Eagle after he wowed the judges with his amazing performances. Photo credit to Alexa Hudson.

   While many activities are postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19, Heritage’s own Mr. Eagle competition is still going on throughout April in hopes of raising the spirits of the student body. 

   For the last 12 years, this year marking the 13th, Heritage has engaged in the tradition of hosting a competition featuring a selected group of 12 senior boys who compete for the title Mr. Eagle. By participating in a series of activities to demonstrate their kindness, talents and influence, the boys can earn their title as well as raise money for MAD Week’s cause. 

   “We also work information about the non-profit into our theme, program, and show in order to raise awareness of that year’s cause,” Mrs. Allison Smith, coordinator of Mr. Eagle, explains. 

     The event brings students and staff together to enjoy an entertaining show while also making a difference in the community. 

   “Mr. Eagle gives the MCs, contestants, judges and school community an opportunity to be a part of a fun tradition. It helps tie the community together, have a few touching moments and a few laughs, and have a rousing finale for MAD Week,” Katherine French ’21, a Mr. Eagle organizer, describes.

   In order to be in Mr. Eagle, senior boys must nominate themselves and have their peers vote them into the competition. To get voted in, those boys must be able to demonstrate a series of characteristics that represent Heritage to the highest form. 

   “They are generally spirited; motivated enough about the cause and/or the event to dedicate time to practicing their talent, the opening dance, and the rest of the show; and positive, both attitude-wise and as role-models,” French illustrates.

   Senior Scott Biggs adds his input on the qualities of Mr. Eagle contestants. 

   “They have to be socially adept so that they may entertain the audience as best as they can,” Biggs says.

   The boys are then judged on their attributes by a panel of esteemed judges who decide on their different titles, such as Mr. Congeniality and many others. 

   “The judges make their tabulations based on creativity, appropriateness, and being a positive representation of Heritage,” Smith expresses.

   Participating in this event is a big deal for many students who want to make a difference while also having fun and influencing others to do the same. 

   “I want to participate in Mr. Eagle because I think it would be an amazing opportunity to bring some people joy. We all have been through some really tough times this year, and it would be great to know that I could make some people laugh,” Ethan Gonzales ’21, a possible contestant for this years competition, states. 

   Those who do end up participating in Mr. Eagle have great experiences and make plenty of memories. 

   “I enjoyed having the chance to work alongside new people I had never met or didn’t know very well. Although there were components which at first pushed me outside my comfort zone, it was ultimately a ton of fun!” Ethan Perry, winner of the 2019 contest, describes. “It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, make friendships, have lots of fun, and give the students of Heritage an entertaining show!”

   Additionally, winning Mr. Eagle has had an impact on students’ outside lives rather than just their high school careers. 

   “I do believe Mr. Eagle has encouraged me to push towards certain goals, particularly those that involve high levels of creativity. Additionally, Mr. Eagle gave me more confidence to put myself out there for opportunities I am nervous about,” Perry explains. “When I am in a high intensity situation like an interview for a job or scholarship, I sometimes look back at my time doing Mr. Eagle and think ‘if I can do a dance routine in front of my entire school, this will be no problem!’”

   The Mr. Eagle competition will be a thrilling wrap up to MAD Week in April and holds much promise for making a difference in the community.

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