Heritage applies new Infinite Campus feature

During second semester, Heritage is using the newly implemented feature on Infinite Campus that automatically sends an email to parents when a student has a D or an F in a class.

From now on, these notifications will be sent out every Wednesday after 3 p.m.

“I hope it increases communication for students, for parents campusmessageand for teachers,” says Principal Stacey Riendeau. “I don’t think there’s any crime in not being successful in a class early. The crime is if we’re not communicating it and helping students get back on track.”

So far, the decision seems to have been well received by students and teachers alike.

“I think it’s a good thing. Your parents should know if you have a D or an F in class,” says Jake Swartwout ’18.

Ben MacKillip ’18 agrees, “It’s a good idea. Some people don’t even check Infinite Campus, but now they’ll know if they’re doing badly in a class.”

Teachers also support the change.

“I think it’s awesome. It allows more communication between parents and teachers that might not happen otherwise,” says Mrs. Gudewicz, Science teacher.

Riendeau feels it will be an entirely positive change.

“Most of our teachers do email parents when grades are suffering in some form or fashion. It helps teachers to save time to do what they were already doing, which was communicating home. Now it will allow them to spend that time in helping kids get caught up,” says Riendeau.

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