Gymnastics compete for Heritage

The gymnastics team this year has made major changes by competing with ten girls and one boy.

Coaches Karen Griebel and Megan Kling lead the team and hold practices every day.  For these gymnasts, they face endurance, fear and commitment. Kaela Schandle ’16 has been on the gymnastics team before, this being her second year. One of Schandle’s favorite things about the team is the bonding and experience. This is because it benefits in competitions having to trust and help each other at every stage.

A gymnastics captain during practice
A gymnastics captain during practice

“We definitely take what we do seriously, but we do have fun and mess around,” says Schandle.

This year’s team not only has a strong connection with each other, but with a boy, it changes the vibe.

Jacob Stouffer ’16 already thinks, “The training and the team are amazing.”

He has been doing gymnastics since he was three but is now entering more competitive leagues. Stouffer had previously known the basics of gymnastics but has now developed more stunts and has learned from being on the team. He connects with other gymnasts and he hopes his effort to do the best will show at competitions.

“We all get along; it’s like a family; we all help each other,” says Stouffer.

Gymnastics Practice
Gymnastics Practice


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