Guys On Ice

Cory London '18, Jake Ladow '18, and Orin Gotchey '18 performing in Guys On Ice.
Cory London ’18, Jake Ladow ’18, and Orin Gotchey ’18 performing in Guys On Ice.

For the first time ever, Heritage puts on Guys on Ice, a musical comedy of three friends ice fishing in Wisconsin, alone with their hopes and dreams.

Marvin (played by Orin Gotchey ’18) and his friend Lloyd (Cory London ’18), spend their day in a shanty, bonding over cold root beers, the Green Bay Packers, women, their passion for ice fishing and their shared exasperation for Ernie the “moocher” (Jake Ladow ’18).

Guys on Ice, is packed with goofy songs that give insight to the simple ways of Midwestern fishermen like “Fish is the Miracle Food” and “Ode to a Snowmobile Suit”.

Marvin is overcome with the excitement of the possibility of being featured on a local ice fishing show. While waiting for the host, Cubby, to arrive for his interview, he practices what he’d say and sings along with Lloyd about how amazing it would be to appear on television.

While the play is a comedy, it has tender moments. For example, Lloyd sings “The One That Got Away,” a tear-jerking song about how he missed his chance to be with the woman he loved.

Despite the sad times, the play is still laughable and hilarious.

“My favorite thing about Guys on Ice is getting to perform in front of an audience and making people laugh and feel happy,” says Cory London.

Both on and off the stage, the Heritage theatre put their all into this performance.

“This show particularly, involves both on stage and moreso backstage, people who both respect each other and know what they’re doing; which, is a rare combination to find. Honestly the people who I get to work with are talented and amazing,” states Orin Gotchey.

Altogether, Guys on Ice is a wholesome show that has something to entertain anyone who watches it.

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