Guys and Dolls Auditions explained.

   As Finals Week starts, most students are worried about their grades and their exams. But for everyone who is auditioning for the spring musical, Guys and Dolls, their audition is also making their already stressful week even more so. 

“I’m really nervous for my audition,” says first time auditioner Danny Robles ’20. 

   Mrs. Willers, Mr. Fischer, and Mr. Damon, The three directors for the show have completely changed the way auditions are this year compared to previous years. Instead of students picking their own song and monologue, Their songs and monologues were picked out by Mr. Fischer and Mrs. Willers.

Despite the changes, for theatre kids and non-theatre kids alike, there are many reasons to audition for a show. 

“The main reason I decided to audition was because my friends in theatre convinced me to” says Robles ’20. 

   The Assistant Stage Manager, or ASM, is in charge of helping with filing auditions and getting the contact information of people auditioning. Emma Bell, a sophomore, is one of the Assistant Stage Managers for Guys and Dolls.

“The production team decided to make the cast size smaller because we thought it would be more beneficial. We thought we would get more done, and the cast would bond more,” says Bell ’22. 

   Many people who are auditioning are stressing about the smaller cast size this year, but the production team is glad. Most of the techies and managers were excited about the change as well.

 “The spamalot cast was larger and there was a lot of unwanted drama, It was also hard to work with them because of the large size.” remembers Bell ’22.

Vocal auditions for the musical are Monday and Tuesday of finals week, dance auditions are on Wednesday, and callbacks will be on friday.

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