Government spending appalls

As a teenager who has grown up in a blue collar home the least  I ask of my government is they spend my family’s tax money responsibly. It is frustrating and painful to watch a country who claims to be strong and built off of the working man have such disregard for those very people who need them most.

Granting $2 million to a study that asks whether children will eat food that has been sneezed on is completely unnecessary and an extravagant waste in money when 7.6 million people  die annually from cancer, a disease still without a positive cure . The question at hand is why the money the government grants towards research does not go into studies that directly correlate to solving adversities common people within this country are likely to face.

In 2015, Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma released a document he titled “Federal Fumbles” in which he exposed some of the most ludicrous things expenses of the United States budget. He has since then updated his list for the year of 2016 and to no surprise there has been little to no resolution to the illustrious spending habits of the American government. Whether the money spent was used as a mirage to distract us from their corruption, or plainly out of disregard, it is still an injustice to any citizens of the United States. Senator Lankford stated that the issues being presented on government waste are merely a problem of oversight. Truthfully, oversight is a problem within the government, especially when the importance and work behind the money being spent is not fully considered. At the very least,  spending 200 million dollars annually to support the Raisin Administrative Committee has the taxpayers needs in mind. 

While the average family in the United States had to work 114 hours to make enough money to pay their  taxes  the American government was spending just over 50,000 dollars to publish a book explaining the history of tobacco use in Russia, and building an almost useless, $7 million industrial park in Afghanistan, according to the federal fumbles document. These examples are some of the government’s cheapest investments, others, just as laughable and appalling, can reach up to billions of dollars out of the American Budget.

As a country contemplating how to dig out of the 19 trillion dollar debt we face, why are we also spending our money so freely and recklessly? It imperative that the Countries budget be revised and used more responsibility for the better of the public and generations to come. 

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