Girls Soccer Finds New Talent

With a slow start to the season that started a week before spring break, the girls’ soccer team has set strong goals for the rest of their busy season. The team is preparing for rivalry games as well as setting themselves in a good position for playoffs.

   As preparation for the season, the girls made sure to get in extra hours of practice. Pre-season indoor soccer plays a huge role in getting ready for the season. It has allowed for a strong foundation going into the regular season games.

   In comparison to years before, the team itself seems to be more diverse in terms of grade levels.

   “The team this year isn’t full of seniors and that allows for new and upcoming underclassmen to represent themselves at the varsity level. I think it really shows how much talent we draw to Heritage, and it’s a good representation of  our school, ” says Kelsey Cahill ’19.

   The team is led by Coach Kia Gudewicz  and Assistant Coach Greg Robles. Throughout the season they have noticed lots of improvement as well a great chemistry within the team.

   “The girls this year are very positive and very supportive of each other . As a coach it’s really fun to watch the girls fight as a team, and it’s something that I am always looking forward to,” says Coach Gudewicz.

   With goals of making it to playoffs, the girls have made sure to work together as a team. Recently the team bonded at Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga. It is very important to them to make sure they connect well on and off the field.

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