Frank Ocean delivers with long-awaited sophomore album

The official Boys Don’t cry magazine, sold at pop-up shops around the world as a companion to the album. The magazine features poems and verses from artists who worked on Ocean’s album as well as numerous exclusive photographs.

For four years, musical icon Frank Ocean has kept fans waiting and waiting for the release of his sophomore album, and on August 20, he finally delivered with a twelve track full length LP entitled Blonde.

With an incredible list of producers and contributors such as Kanye West, James Blake, Beyonce and David Bowie, this album has been well worth the wait for many fans of Ocean.

Ocean’s return was not just marked by the album Blonde, as he also released a visual album called Endless just a few days earlier. The release of Endless shows a new way for artist’s audience to experience the music put out by their favorite artists, while also demonstrating how Frank Ocean is at the crest of this new wave of music release techniques.

Endless was one of the first of its kind, and its abstract visual elements combined with Ocean’s sound created an unparalleled experience for listeners of Frank Ocean.

An unusual aspect of Ocean’s album is the fact that he has not one guest feature, yet fans do not seem to mind, as his album has soared to the top of the charts at light speed, something that is incredibly hard for an artist to do with no features on a full length LP.

The response to both Blonde and Endless has been overwhelmingly positive, and superstar artists who are at the top of the music industry right now, such as Adele and Kanye West, have voiced their love and admiration for both Frank Ocean’s lyrical ability and musical ability, only echoing the noise that his album sales have made thus far.
On top of that, According to the Billboard 200, only two albums in 2016 have made stronger debuts than Blonde, those being Views by Drake, and Lemonade by Beyonce. Ocean’s album debuted with 276,000 albums sold, and for an album that was delayed repeatedly over a four year period, the sales perfectly reflect the hype surrounding the album’s long awaited release.

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