Executive Orders impact the nation

A protest happens Downtown to show the people's will while Trump enacts executive orders.

Throughout the past five years, there has been a controversial topic surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipeline, due to the fact it is set to go across Native American lands. The Keystone XL Pipeline is a trade route for oil from Canada.

“I believe that going ahead with the Keystone Pipeline was the right move.  It was done painstakingly slowly, with every possible court battle and permit, and then Obama said no.  We have thousands of miles of pipelines crisscrossing this country, and the ‘safety’ of this one was a feeble excuse.  Canada is our number one trading partner, and this was a slap in their face as well as to the thousands of workers we are supposed to be helping maintain ‘middle class’ status,” says Mr. Jay Grenawalt, Social Studies teacher.

President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order to clear the way for these two pipelines.

During former President Barack Obama’s term, he signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) which was a trade deal that included 12 different nations along the Pacific Ocean. Throughout Trump’s campaign, he kept promising to pull away from the TPP.

“I believe that it was important for the US to be a part, strategically as well as economically.  China is a huge presence in the Pacific, and most of the members of the proposed partnership needed US assurances that we would stand against China as China flexes its muscles so frequently in that part of the world.  Perhaps Trump can work out bilateral agreements with the nations involved,” says Grenawalt.

On Monday, January 23, 2017, Trump made good on his promise and pulled out of the TPP. This action follows one of his major promises he echoed along the campaign trail.

“Trump has very little concern for the environment or any nation besides the U.S., but he is making rational decisions for America’s economic welfare,” Says Darian Lane ’18.

The effect of these actions on the American people is that it shows that President Trump is going to keep the promises he made along the campaign trail. If this pattern continues this country will face an eventful four years that will have many changes.


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