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When turning 15, students all over the state of Colorado are presented with the opportunity to receive their Learner’s Permit as they take their lessons to the road. Before they can drive, they are forced to complete rigorous Driver’s Ed courses that are only partially beneficial.

Students spend full weeks, eight hours day in a classroom just to learn the rules of the road. Otherwise, they have to take it online which for some people, is very hard to complete. There needs to be a better way.

It’s understandable that Driver’s Ed is required because driving a car is like driving a lethal weapon. However, new drivers need to spend more time on the road and less time in the classroom.

A study presented by the University of Nebraska Lincoln states that out of the 150,000 drivers tested, 11.2 percent of drivers who took Driver’s Ed crashed and 12.9 percent who crashed did not take drivers ed. That is a very slim margin. To be effective, Driver’s Ed should focus on more time on the road and less time in the classroom.

Requirements for the LPS program include 30 hours in a classroom (or online) and 6 hours with a driving instructor on the road. Usually, those 6 hours are completed in only driving with an instructor three times. In those three times, an instructor can only teach you so much. Doing is learning.

Spending 30 hours in a classroom learning about driving is hard to picture and hard to take what you learn and put it into action. For example, my friend and I spent our entire Spring Break in Driver’s Ed class our freshman year. The much needed break from school was completely ruined as we spent even more time in a classroom. It was hard to learn and focus for long periods at a time. The hours spent with the driving instructor on the road were much more beneficial.

The Driver’s Ed curriculum needs to be changed. In turn, less accidents involving teenagers would occur.Right now, the courses required to receive a Learner’s Permit are long and the material goes right over the head of the students. There should be more time on the road, and less spent in the classroom.

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