Democratic Candidates Debate

   Protestors, heated discussions, and lots of Trump bashing.

   The most recent Democratic Debate occurred on Thursday, September 12, hosting the ten candidates who qualified at Texas Southern University. As the election for the democratic primary draws closer and closer, candidates are becoming more desperate to make a name for themselves.
   Let’s start with the losers of the night. 

   Klobuchar is the first name that comes to mind. There is little here that hasn’t already been said, but I’ll say it anyway. Amy Klobuchar, while being articulate in her answers, has little to no visible passion. Her main move is attempting to deliver witty one-liners that constantly fall flat with the audience, showing her lack of passionate supporters. I’d be surprised if she’s still in the race come October.

 Yang also falls in this category. On the campaign trail, this entrepreneur looks fresh and witty, but amateur and inexperienced when pitted against his politically experienced competition.

   I hesitate to put Castro in the loser category, but the Castro that showed up at this debate was not the same man that America saw in the first two. His constant stabs at Joe Biden did nothing to help him, and, despite being authentic and charismatic early in the campaign, he came off as desperate on the 12th.

   These next three candidates had standout performances that are certain to boost them in the upcoming polls. Let’s take a look at the winners.
 O’Rourke had quite the performance. He is the most casual candidate on stage, and while that might sound synonymous with being inexperienced, it’s not. He’s relatable, articulate, and strong in his convictions. The biggest moment of the night for him was his strong stance on stricter gun control, met with thunderous applause.

Also having an excellent night was Booker. Not because of any particular exciting moments, but because of his wit and charisma. He had some entertaining political jabs, and he definitely appealed to voters with his humor and humanity.

   I’d be remiss if I didn’t give Buttigieg the credit he deserves. Soft spoken and passionate, he moved the voters’ minds, as well as their hearts. His most notable moment of the night was his emotional closing statement, discussing his choice to come out as out as gay, and the effects it had on his career as a young politician. This was arguably the most raw and human moment of the night, and the voters will appreciate that authenticity.

  The other four participants, including Biden, Harris, Warren and Sanders, had very lukewarm performances. While they did nothing to harm their campaigns, they certainly did nothing to help them either. 
  This was a very turbulent, heated debate, and we can predict more of that moving forward in the election. However, it’s still impossible to predict who will prevail, and if that person will be capable of defeating Donald Trump in 2020.

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