Cuthrell pays it forward

Cuthrell conducting the orchestra,
Cuthrell conducts the orchestra.  He cues a section to keep them in tune.

One of the marks of someone who lives a successful and fulfilling life is a defining moment or experience that drives him onward.

Mr. Garren Cuthrell, who is taking over the instrumental music program at Heritage starting this year, shows this particular mark of success among many others.

In high school, Cuthrell’s path in life was majorly impacted by his own band director, Gary Hall.

“That man and that program was the reason I ever went to school and the reason I graduated, the reason I’m here,” Cuthrell explains. “He impacted my life enough that I thought it would be pretty cool to do that to others.”

Now in his twenty-first year of teaching, Cuthrell has had a lot of difficult and rewarding experiences trying to inspire students. His experience both in education and in life shows already. In just under a month of teaching, the reaction of the school is overwhelmingly positive.

“He listens to students. He doesn’t do anything on a whim, and tries his best to improve the band,” comments Cedric Smith ’18 of the Heritage marching band.

Generous backing from parents and administration is also very present to Cuthrell.

“I love it, I’ve never had more support,” says Cuthrell.

Best of all, Cuthrell manages to genuinely carry his passion into students’ lives.

“He’s really energetic and inspiring,” says Daniel Padilla ’19.

There are high hopes for a successful first year here at Heritage for Cuthrell and the rest of his team, and his impact already speaks volumes about his talent. The move has been stressful, and Cuthrell feels he’s in the right place.

“I like watching kids succeed; I like seeing them push themselves harder than they think they can, and I like to see them be better than they ever thought they could be,” says Cuthrell.

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