Cross Country runs for miles

Cross Country runners go for a training run at Waterton Canyon.
Cross Country runners go for a training run at Waterton Canyon.

As the cross country season kicks off, runners grit their teeth and prepare for Coach Runyon’s training.  They strive to drop their times with every race and every training run.

Mondays start out intense with either hills, tempo runs or 1000 meter runs.  Mondays, after a long day of school, are the toughest, most draining day of the week, but runners must push through Monday’s fatigue for the rest of the week’s training.

After Coach Sheri Rossing retired in the spring, Coach Runyon became the new cross country head coach.  Athletes agree that Runyon’s training is much more intense, much longer, and much more exhausting, but although Coach Runyon is pushing his runners harder, it’s not what makes the workouts tough.

“It’s not about how hard the coaches push you, it’s about how hard you push yourself,” says Nate Syron ’16.

Runners push themselves to their limits in Runyon’s workouts in search of better times and a better experience.  They prepare themselves more than enough for every race.

“You’re not running to beat the guy behind you, you’re running to beat your best time,” says Amitav Rahman’15.

Athletes thirst for an even lower number on the stop watch , and Coach Runyon’s training pushes them to do exactly that.  They agree that the future of Heritage cross country is bright.  This year’s team, with all of its preparation, is ready to blow the competition out of the water.

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