Covid-19 Disrupts Travel

Tessa I. ’22 and her family dine outside during their second trip to California. She believes that although there were some people not following the safety precautions, she felt safe overall.

  As the global pandemic reaches the one year mark, travelers have adapted to the ever-changing conditions. 

    Heritage Sophomore John Brouhle believes that due to the health guidelines, Florida felt like a completely different experience than Colorado.

   “There were a lot of places with people who didn’t have any masks; there were a lot of restaurants and bars where even the servers didn’t have masks. On the other hand, there were a lot of places like grocery stores and highly busy public areas where people did wear masks, so it was very different to see the comparison,” says Brouhle.

   They describe that the precautions taken there to mitigate the risk of contracting Covid were a lot less strict than those of Colorado.

   “It was a little bit scary because there were a lot of people where social distancing wasn’t really a factor. I think there could’ve been more precautions such as limiting the number of people in certain spaces like beaches, which were packed,” says Brouhle.

   Similarly, Junior Tessa I. mentions that her two trips to California, one by plane and one by car, were a lot different than usual. 

   “It was harder to distance yourself from people and we were eating outside. Sometimes waitlists and lines outside businesses were longer because they met their capacity. However, I think people could’ve done a better job at actually following the rules instead of selecting certain ones to follow,” she says.

   She believes that safety when traveling is dependent on the location.

   “Most of the people in California were wanting to keep the state open instead of the constant closures and reopenings they experienced earlier last year. The social culture in California is a lot different than in Colorado, and people want to go out and go to parties and live their lives, so they wanted to keep it open the best they could. Most of the people I saw were wearing masks,” she says.

  For prospective travelers, Brouhle recommends students try their best to adhere to the precautions put in place throughout their trip, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

   “Make sure you are constantly wearing a mask and socially distancing yourself from other people because we do not know where everyone has been. There are a lot of people and there’s a high risk of exposure in places like airports. Also, make sure you are washing your hands and hand sanitizing a lot. Don’t be too carefree about it.”

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