Counselors impact the future

As the last days of school approach most students have made sure to visit the counseling office at least once. But what most students don’t know is that counselors do a lot more than just fix schedules. Counselors are also available for college/career preparation, recommendation letters and even just a conversation for any struggles that students might be facing.

“There are three domains in which we focus on student growth and development : personal/social, academic and career. So please, please, know that your counselor is here to help. Students just have to make an appointment to meet with us, if nothing else just for us to get to know students in person,” say Counselor Ms. Maureen Stewart.

Throughout the year counselors deal with a variety of different challenges. From making sure schedules work at the beginning of the year to writing recommendation letters for soon-to-be college students, there is never a time when counselors are not busy.

“No day is like the other; every day is unique and new. Often there are things that I have to get done but I don’t know what is going to come across my plate ever single day,” says Counselor Ms. Laronda Lawson.

When it comes to building relationships at Heritage High School, one that many students have is with their counselors. Each counselor has about 400 students, so it’s important to keep a good connection. When students open up to their counselors it allows them to get to know a supportive adult who can help them with whatever the students need.

“I love my job. Every day my goal is to work with students in whatever capacity they need me to be there for them. One of the greatest things that happens over the course of the four years that I get to know the students is when they learn how to work through their struggles. Those pieces are the things that help me connect with the students and write the best letters of recommendations,” says Ms. Lawson.

Counselors are a resource to help with the needs of students, and they are always available throughout the day.

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Counselor Ms. Stewart and Jake Schope ’19 converse as Schope fills out the AP test registration.





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