College Admission Fees Deter Students

    At this point in the year, most schools have sent out their acceptance and rejection letters, and seniors have solidified their plans. Many selective colleges report another record year for applications according to This can only mean that they rejected more students. But not before collecting their application fees.

Many students feel as if they should apply to multiple schools. They are told to apply to their “safety schools” to their “match school” and to their “dream school,” however this can be an expensive proposition as each application can cost up to $70.

“I have seen students get into their dream schools but are put on the waiting lists to get into their safety school so I think it is important to at least apply to your top schools because you never know,” says Mrs. Lisa Zolle, Science teacher.

In some cases application costs can close some doors that would otherwise be open, however they do serve an important purpose.

“When I see that a school has lower acceptance rate, I automatically want to try to get into that school because it seems more selective,” says Lindsay Resizer ’17.

With this mentality, higher application rates means more selectivity, ultimately heightening the university’s image while funding the application process.

   Ultimately completing an application is daunting as more and more students are competing for a spot at their dream school.

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