Clubs continue in spite of restrictions

This is a Harry Potter House tie. In spite of any difficulty there might have been in connecting people together, clubs, including the Harry Potter club, continue.

Although there were clubs last semester, many new clubs have begun to start up in light of returning to hybrid scheduling.

According to Ms. Danielle Nitcher, science teacher and sponsor of the Harry Potter Club, attendance has been a struggle, particularly for first semester.

“It was hard for kids to want to spend time online for school work, and then another club,” Nitcher says.

Luke Parker, co-president of the Maker Alliance, a club that can build anything and everything recreationally, agrees.

“It was pretty hard first semester to start up.  Everybody was so busy.  First semester was kind of tricky, trying to meet in the morning, which never worked,” says Parker.

Both agree that, in the eventual absence of social distancing and masks, things will be much easier.

“This year has been much harder to get group members involved.  And, playing quidditch requires shared material, which is not something we can do right now,” Nitcher says.  

“I’m hoping that the membership will grow significantly,” Parker adds.  “We’d also love to have underclassmen to carry the class forward in years to come.”

For any students unsure on how to join, all they need is a permission slip, and then they can come and join.  Nitcher and Parker both agree that the setup is very casual. 

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