Clubs and activities take a hit

A few banners displaying clubs from the study center at Heritage High School. Clubs at Heritage are struggling this year, but some are making a come through.

After school clubs and school activities are looking a bit different this year. Heritage High School has been trying their best to keep the normal flow of a regular school year, along with school spirit. 

“We got the go ahead from the district to allow activities to meet in-person starting Sept. 14, with some specific restrictions to safely allow these meetings,” Activity Director Ms. Jill McCormick says. 

At this time most clubs are participating and some aren’t, this is their choice of keeping a safe environment for everyone. Either clubs are meeting in person or meeting virtually and still doing what they have always done but with a few tweaks. 

Theatre Director Ms. Kate Willers is a part of the lucky few that got their club up and running when they were given the right away. She definitely wanted her club to participate this year, along with others. 

“All clubs are important for students to stay involved, especially right now,” Willers says. 

Things are different in the theatre department, but the staff tries to keep things positive like always. 

“Things are definitely different and there’s not as many games, but I think people are getting the information they need and enjoy seeing each other,” adds Willers. 

Even though there is only half the alphabet attending school on certain days, clubs are still allowing students from each group to join with each other. There is also the option of just using online meets. Some clubs will be meeting, but it’s taking a little time to prepare for more exposure.

“The only clubs that I know of that cannot meet are Alpine Club and Rocking Climbing Club,” adds McCormick. 

The change in these two things are going to affect Heritage greatly this year, making it hard for students to enjoy their own year. 

“From the marching band season being canceled to most clubs not being able to meet in person, we are missing some of what makes Heritage so special,” says McCormick. 

Luckily, students are able to reach out to McCormick and she would love to help students get involved. Students still have a chance to make something out of this crazy year. 

“Most clubs are just beginning to start right now, so students should listen to the daily announcements and make sure to check the announcements on the HHS web page so they know what clubs are planning to do. I would also encourage them to reach out to the sponsors if they are not sure how to get involved,” McCormick announces.

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