Class of 2018 marks a new era

Three freshman entering the second week of school
Three freshman entering the second week of school

Entering the halls of Heritage for the first time is daunting for anyone, especially the freshmen, who are learning the ropes of Heritage High School.

Although Heritage is essentially a large square, getting a feel for their way around the nooks and crannies of the school can take a while.

“I’ve gotten lost a lot,” says Delaney Trail ‘18.

“Heritage is a big school, bigger than I thought,” says Katie Gage ’18.

Having three levels that look similar is easy to confuse freshmen as well.

“I went to the wrong class, one full of seniors,” adds Gage.

The freshman class, which entered the building enthusiastic about high school and awed by the LINK assembly, are on their way to making a positive influence on Heritage.

However, transitioning to high school from middle school is not an easy task.

“I thought it was going to be the same as eighth grade,” says Hannah Visser ‘18.

Although it was not an easy transition for Visser, she remarks that the upperclassmen have been very kind to her.

However, Visser is not alone. There are a total of 433 freshmen students that entered the Heritage this year.

“We get a lot of open enrollment due to our stats,” says Heritage High School Registrar, Ms. Debbie Graham.

According to Graham, there is no particular reason the freshman class is so large, besides the amount of open-enrollment students this year. Many come from different districts because of the reputation that Heritage holds.


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